Urgent Attention Required: Over a Month of Frozen Funds – Immediate Action Demanded!

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I am writing to express my serious concerns regarding the ongoing freeze on my payout account, which has now persisted for over a month without a satisfactory resolution. Despite my compliance with all requested actions, my funds remain inaccessible, causing significant disruption to my business operations.

The initial freeze occurred at the beginning of March, and I was not provided with any explanation or guidance on how to resolve the issue at that time. It was only towards the end of March that I received correspondence from your team instructing me to take specific actions. I promptly responded by submitting all required documents on April 1st to unlock my account.

Regrettably, there has been no progress, and my funds are still frozen. To compound the issue, I was assured by a Shopify support advisor last week that the matter would be resolved within two business days—a promise that remains unfulfilled.

This prolonged and unexplained hold on my funds is not only a disruption but also a significant concern for the health of my business. I urgently request a thorough review and immediate resolution of my case. Please provide a detailed explanation for the freeze and an exact timeline for when I can expect my funds to be released.

Should this issue not be resolved promptly, I am prepared to consider further actions, including legal recourse, to recover my funds.

I trust that you will treat this matter with the urgency and seriousness it deserves and look forward to your swift response.

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