Urgent! Help me for the error of the Payment

Urgent! Help me for the error of the Payment

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Here is a weird thing we have experienced from today morning.


When the customer made a payment, the POS app showed us the payment was declined. But we thought it was really strange so we checked customer's bank, and the payments worked! We believed that the payment records will show up after few minutes, and we just ignored the same message, the payment declined, and checked the customers' bank records that it worked like the photo below. 

Payment method was worked.jpg

After customers left our store, we tried with the staff's credit card, and it was same. However, a few minutes later, we can checked the refund records on the staff's bank. It meant, all of the customers' payment that was showed as declined on the POS application was actually refunded. We were lost as much as it, and we have no idea how to fix it. What should we do? About the order records? About the cost of the products of the customer who we let them leave because of the Shopify's error?

But it was refunded.jpg


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