Urgent Help Needed with Payment Gateway for Indian Dropshipping Business (selling Internationally)

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Hello Shopify Community,


I am facing significant issues with the payment gateways available on the Shopify dashboard. Despite being registered since February, Stripe is still in the verification process, and it appears they are not accepting Indian merchants, although this isn't clearly communicated.


I've also tried Razorpay, but they denied services because I am starting a dropshipping business. Similarly, Cashfree, 2Checkout, and Oceanpayment explicitly state they do not accept dropshippers.


I've attempted to use other payment methods recommended by Shopify for Indian merchants, such as Adyen, Tap Payments, PayU, and Instamojo, but none have been able to onboard my business. I managed to get PayPal, but the exchange rates result in a 10%+ deduction on every transaction, which is too expensive given my already thin profit margins.


When consulting with Shopify support, none of the agents could provide a solution. They simply forwarded the list of payment gateways that supposedly accept Indian merchants, which has not been helpful. It seems the support agents do not fully understand the challenges of onboarding Indian merchants. They say that team is working on shopify payments for India but I got the same answer last year as well so no hopes there.


If we cannot even accept payments, then what is the use of opening a Shopify website?


  • I need a payment gateway service that provides international payment services to Indian merchants, specifically for dropshipping, other than PayPal. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


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