[URGENT] Problem Of Zip Code Because Of New Update From Shopify

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Hi, I'm merchant in Korea.


In Korea, people usually don't use the zip code.

I was trying to delete the zip code in checkout but I coudn't because it's mandatory in shopify checkout page.


So I changed the text.


"Zip code" ->  "Loterry numbers (5 digits)"


-> So, my clients(users) could make the payments with put 5 digits of loterry numbers instead of zip code.

-> I did this and this was working fine for 3-4 months even people put 00000 / 77777 / 12345 in lottery number (zip code) section.



But the issue started from this thursday. (22.03.31)


I just found that user cound't make the payment because of zip code.

-> When user put numbers, it showed the alert text:

showing "put valid zip code" in Lottery number(zip number) section.


[Efforts to solve this problem]


- My dev didn't change anything on checkout page. (and it's impossible to change)

- I asked it to shopify support team, And they don't know exacly if there was this update.




- The shopify supporter told me that he made escalation about this and He found same issue for other merchants.


This website made very good revenue.

20,000 ~ 30,000$ revenue per month and got 1/5 because of this small setting.


[In resume]




  • It was able to pay with any numbers in Loterry number (zip code) section even 00000, 77777, 12345. (Until 22.03.30)
  • Shopify has been changed the setting. (if user put invalid number such as 00000, 77777) its not working and show "put valid zip code". (from 22.03.31)
  • So I need to go back to last setting because in Korea we people don't know their zip code. (can proceed with any number)



    1.  Anyone knows how to fix this? I can pay.

    2. When do you expect that shopify dev team will fix this?

    3. In shopify Plus, can we delete the zip code?


    Thanks a lot. I need urgent help. 

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Hi @ceeto17 


You can contact Shopify live chat support just in case they can customize the solution to this problem: https://help.shopify.com/en/questions#/contact/chat 

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did you found any solution for this problem or you fixed this problem then kindly let me know about this thank you

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Did u solved your problem?