USA and China Fulfillment for very small quantities

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Hello all,


I have just released my store with some products developed by me in Romania and produced in China. ( ) I want to avoid shipping from China to Romania because of custom taxes. My customers are all around the world, many in USA. I am thinking about a fulfillment center in USA and one in China.

Fulfillment center from USA will dispatch orders for USA and Canada countries

Fulfillment center from China will dispatch orders for Europe and Asia


The number of orders is small, max 100 per month. Do you recommend some fulfillment centers for this? I prefer working manually, passing them shipping address since I sell on multiple channels.



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The Shopify Fulfillment Network would be good if you're doing higher volume, but for lower volume you might consider using Amazon FBA. It's a pretty smooth setup and can be automated.


Here's the set up I use:


Example use case: for USA orders on Shopify we have it set to fulfill by Amazon automatically. For international orders, if it's in an international market where we sell on Amazon, we fulfill from that location, otherwise we fulfill manually.


Depending on the time and overhead you want to invest, you could technically send in inventory to Amazon centers around the world and fulfill from them by region. And then also have your products listed in that market. It can become a pain dealing with the different VAT / tax nexuses, listing creation / management, but if you have the capital you can also scale it quite well.


Here's the Shopify fulfillment network link if you want to check that out: Might be good if you get your order volume up (I think they said 10+ orders per day for it to be worth the ROI).


Either way, I think shipping in bulk from China to North America and Europe, then dispatching from there would be your best bet if those are where most of your customers are going to be coming from.

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If you have got some guys in these countries who can take care of shipping, then a better way to go about it would be to use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app. You can set up two ship from addresses ; One in China and One in America. To operate shipping from these two locations, you can have two carrier accounts. A carrier like FedEx should ideally work out for international shipments.


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Try OTW Shipping for low order quantities. They have no account fees so you only pay for what you ship. You can shoot me an email at!