Use Shipping Table based on Pre-Discount Price

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We use shipping rate tables based on cart total $ value. During promotions, we reduce the price (say 20%, 30% and 40% on different products) and show the original prices at "Compare at price" field. But this has a negative impact on the shipping revenue since the cart total $ value also drops. We want to avoid this loss in shipping revenue. Is there a solution for this issue? FYI...we use "Intuitive Shipping" app for our shipping rates. 


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Hi @MagicHappens,

If you haven't already done so, please reach out to our support team for assistance with this issue. There are some challenges when using product discounts with Intuitive Shipping, mainly because Shopify doesn't pass any information about product discounts to our system, which can lead to issues with final rate calculations. Our team can review your setup with you to determine if there is a workable solution. Please go to the Support page in the Intuitive Shipping app and book a support call with us or submit a ticket. We'll be happy to review this issue with you.

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Thanks Ron. I want to broaden my search for a solution to this problem beyond Intuitive Shipping:

1) Other Shipping Apps: Are there other shipping apps that solve the above problem?

2) Developers: Can custom coding the shipping rate table help? For example can I custom code it so that, for every item in cart, the shipping table first looks at “Compare at price” field and then “price”.

3) Do all other e-commerce platforms have this major flaw/gap?