Using Braintree and 3D Secure on Shopify (Australia)

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Hi everyone... Have you had any luck in enabling 3D secure on Shopify Plus, via Braintree/Cardinal?

I've been trying to get 3D secure up and running on our store for a while now, but it's been very difficult. I've been told inconsistent things about how to do it and what's required – in my conversations with Shopify, Braintree and Cardinal.

- Shopify said I need a Cardinal account to enable 3D Secure. That costs at least $25/mo for the basic plan.

- Cardinal said I need to sign up to them via Braintree.

- Braintree said that they use Cardinal by default, which means Cardinal is already "enabled" in my Braintree account (and I suspect that paying the $25 isn't necessary).

- Now Shopify is saying that Cardinal is only available in the EEA.


I just need a clear instruction on how to get 3D secure enabled for liability shift and prevention of fraudulent orders. If you know how, please let me know – I truly appreciate that.


The worst part is that all 3 companies seem to have no clue of what is/isn't available for Australian merchants, what are the requirements and how to get it done. They keep passing the ball to each other, in an endless cycle of "you need to talk to them".

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Did you manage to resolve the issues you were facing? If so, how did you do it? 

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This issue is not yet resolved for me. Braintree told me there's a new API that SHopify needs to integrate with, and Shopify are saying it's in some backlog. It seems like they want us to pay for andditiona 25$, which is ridiculous for small store owners.

It's clear that non US/Canada stores are not given the priority as the rest, the least they can do is waive off the 25$ fee for cardinal, but integrating with a new api call would be the best solution and the quickest for everyone.