USPS Package Intercept Tracking begins with 93 / Commercial Priority / Shopify Integrated Shipping

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Hoo boy. I've been trying to do a package intercept on an order that's in transit but has come up as a chargeback / fraudulent order. And for the record, it was low on the fraud scale. Has anyone had any success with this process?

My tracking number is: 420786669305520207600329218989 
I spoke with USPS customer support on the phone and it turns out that some of these numbers are extraneous, so really the tracking number is: 9305520207600329218989 

They weren't sure why the intercept was unavailable, so they recommended I call the delivery PO directly and see if they could do anything. Called the number no answer.

I did some more digging and found that the issue I'm running into is that Shopify uses Commercial Priority, so it doesn't qualify for the residential package intercept even though it meets all the other criteria.

Note:  Commercially shipped packages can only be intercepted by a commercial mailer through the Business Customer Gateway. As information, commercially shipped packages typically contain a tracking number that begins with a “92” or “93”.

Shopify's support chat wasn't super helpful, they recommended the regular intercept page. When I told them I tried that already and it needs to be done through the business channel. They recommended I sign up for that. I signed up for that.

Now I'm trying to intercept through the business channel, and get this:

You do not have a valid permit. You must have a valid permit imprint account to request a package intercept.

If you don't have a permit imprint account, go to:

This is where I'm at right now, and I'm trying to understand the inner workings of the User’s Guide Package Intercept Commercial Service January 2015 Version 2.0 with all its outdated links and unclear instructions.

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Hi Lost Arrows,


It's interesting to read that Shopify flagged the order as low risk, and it turned out to be fraudulent. Maybe you can consider adding an extra layer of fraud protection to your store. So when you get an order, you know it’s real.


I'd like to offer you a free trial of eComm360 Fraud Prevention to understand who is browsing your store to prevent these chargebacks and customise your risk range depending on your appetite to deny riskier orders.


Feel free to reach out to, and we’ll be glad to offer any further assistance on how to protect your business against fraud and cyber risk threats. 

Kind Regards,

Maya from eComm360


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