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Variable Rates based on Weight

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For a box that measures 14" x 6" x 14" and weighing between 1-2 pounds, the USPS charges $13.80 to anywhere in the US. The product I sell, including the box, weighs approximately 1.2 pounds, so it will cost me $13.80 to ship. But, the product is feather light and I can easily place 5-6 of them in the same box and still come in under 2 pounds, so the shipping rate would be the same. How can I structure the shipping rates on the site so that buyers could take advantage of this discount?  Similar discounts would be available for larger box sizes, for the same reason.

Also, on the General Shipping Rates page is shows an incorrect address for where the items will be shipped from. When I click the "manage" button it won't allow me to change the address. How can I do this?



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First part,

You can set up the shipping rates based on the 2 scenarios,

1. Price-based conditional shipping setup.
2. Quantity-based conditional shipping setup.
So, for a quantity-based shipping setup, you can create shipping rates.
This can be done under the conditional settings of “shipping and delivery” in the settings section of the Shopify admin page.
1. For 1 number of the feather-light product added to the cart, shipping charges of $10 applicable.

Second part,

You can create a default location,

- From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Locations.
- Click Add location.
- Enter a unique name and an address for the location.
If you want the inventory at this location to be available for online purchases, then check to Fulfill online orders from this location.
If this is a brick-and-mortar location that you regularly sell from in person, then click This location is a retail store.
Click Save changes and update, refresh the page.
After you create a location, it’s added to the bottom of your fulfillment priority list.


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