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I have a question, the products in my store have two unique identifiers, a SKU code and Model Number. 


The SKU code is easy to get as part of the normal shopify order process but I would also like a model number to be shown on the order notes. I have added these via a product Variant meta field but am struggling to get these showing on the cart page 

Ideally I would like it to have the following note as displayed in the diagram
MPN: {{mpn number from metafield}} 

I am not on shopify plus and don't have access to cart.liquid so cannot edit this


Is there a way of having a hidden field on the product page to pull this information? 


Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 16.47.21.png

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Hello @greeney2k1 ,


Add in PDP template inside the existing from tag

<input id="mpn" type="hidden" name="properties[MPN]" value=="{{ mpn number from metafield }}" >


Note: Don't forget to change this code value=="{{ mpn number from metafield }}" with actual metafield key  


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