View Count Of All Unfulfilled Items At Once? Help :(

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Hello, My name is Andrew Martinez. I'm brand new here to the forums so please bare with me!

I'm looking for an app or a way that I can view all my unfulfilled items at once. Here's what I mean. On my site I sell 3D-Printed Products for Vapers, and some t-shirts but those are drop-fulfilled. I'm getting to the point were i have multiple products now and different colors to 3D-Print and it's taking up too much time changing all my printers settings and switching the plastic when i could print multiple things at once. But i have no way to see the count for each product that is marked as unfulfilled all at once. I have to print up all the orders, and then go through and make a tally list of all the products and then go from there.   I want to be able to have a list where it would be something like this

3D- Printed Battery Cases

  • Red = 6 Unfulfilled
  • Blue = 4 Unfulfilled
  • Clear = 3 Unfulfilled

3D- Printed Wrench

  • Red = 5 Unfulfilled
  • Orange = 2 Unfulfilled

etc.....I think you get what I'm trying to say. I don't care about items already fulfilled. 

I know I can use teplates with Order Printer but i havent found one that does this and i do not know how to program. Just wanted to see if any of you are using something like this! Thanks! 

If there is not something out there like this is there somewhere I can go to have this made for me,because I would like to be able  to product multiple of the same parts all in one print and be able to complete 5 or 6 orders instead of just slowing fulfilling them one at a time. Always switching out the files and colors on my printers takes up a lot time. If i know i have 5 of same products to get ready for tomorrow orders, i can print 5pcs in "blue" or "red" all on 1 print, and save a lot of time! 

(Sorry about my improper grammar you may notice and continue to notice, I'm a young 23 year old engineer dork that just knows how to start business and loves technology, lol ;)

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Andrew,

That is a great question! Thank you for asking.  While I have not seen an app that does exactly what you are looking for there are still a couple things you can check out.

In the orders section you can filter the orders to see only unfillfilled orders by setting up as seen here! :-)  This will not do exactly what you are looking to do as the product names/variants would not be listed but it does help filter the process for you and it does not cost additional money.

Following, the closest app that might be able to work for this is the Deepmine app as found here.  As mentioned in it's product description you will be able to:

  • Search by paid/unpaid, shipped/unshipped, title, vendor, SKU, and more to generate sales reports.

Folllowing if interested you could try hiring a developer to see if they could modify your admin to show that info.  To help out I grabbed their info here however, please do not feel obligated to do so. I just wanted to let you know just in case.

I hope you have a great day,


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Hi Andrew,

Are you still looking for a solution?

If so, I have some news for you!

I recently released the app Better Reports, which has a couple of reports that should help you (see attached image).

You can see all unfulfilled items, either by variant or by orders.

I hope that helps!


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Andrew, if you haven't found a solution the best I've come up with is to export the selected unfulfilled orders as an Excel file. Then in Excel sort them alphabetically. ​ The same products are grouped and you can condense them down and get your organized count. Much more organized and easier than making a tally sheet on a piece of paper!

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Hi Andrew,

I know it has been a long time since your question. But I want to suggest a solution that will be useful for other Merchants with similar needs.

Data Export is a reporting application which can create any type of reports that you can imagine. The unfulfilled orders list by variant can also be created with ease.

Hundreds of Merchants use Data Export for their accounting, billing, sales, orders, inventory, refund, shipping and transaction reports.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at


Data Export is rated by Shopify Sellers as the best and cost-effective reporting application on Shopify.
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Hello @Andrew_Martinez,

With Report Pundit, you will get to know the list of unfulfilled orders. There is a pre-created report that will show orders to be fulfilled by products, color or style. Just select the date range to fetch the list of unfulfilled orders. 

You can contact me at for any assistance.



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Hey Andrew,

Give order picklist a whirl, I think it's along the lines of what you're looking for.