Re: Want to integrate HBL local bank payment gateway in my store.

Want to integrate HBL local bank payment gateway in my store.

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Want to integrate HBL local bank payment gateway in my store. Is it possible. so how can i do..

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Hi @kamiomar 

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The Payments Apps API enables Shopify partners to programmatically access data related to their payments app configuration. You can use this API to resolve or reject captures, payments, refunds, and void sessions.

At the moment, the payment gateway options that Shopify have available are those listed here:

Learn more about payment providers in your country or region

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Hi @kamiomar.

Thank you for your message, I can certainly see the benefit of using your local payment gateway within your Shopify account.

You can check if HBL is an option for you in your admin under Settings>Payments>Third-party providers and Alternative payment methods:

If you do not see HBL in either of these areas, then this would mean the gateway would not be available for you at this time.

Where are you based and operating your store out of in the world? depending on your location, you will have specific third-party and alternative payment gateways available to you based on your location. Feel free to reference our handy Online Payment Gateways guide here for a breakdown of the available options per country. 

Thank you for your message and please do not hesitate to reach back here if you have any additional questions, we are always happy to chat!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi KamiOmar,


You can integrate banks of Pakistan using payment mediation platform called UnumPay


It is the only legit means of doing business with Shopify as it is secure and ensures checkout takes place within Shopify's eco-system (encrypted and secure). Other providers those ensure payment via redirection bypass Shopify eco system and can be hijacked thus making customer information vulnerable and inviting hijackers to manipulate checkout amount i.e. change order value from PKR 10,000 to PKR 90.