Want to offer only prepaid payment method on some of my products

Want to offer only prepaid payment method on some of my products

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i have multiple products on my store, and i have 2 payment methods, 1st is prepaid (online payment) and 2nd is COD (Cash on delivery) ,

and on some of my expensive products i want to offer only prepaid payment method,
and on some entry level products i want to offer both payment methods

is there any way i can do this? 

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Hello @Foint 


This is not directly possible in Shopify's settings, but you can do it with our app Releasit Cash On Delivery that you can install for free from the Shopify App Store here: https://apps.shopify.com/cash-on-delivery-fee


After you install the app go on the Limit COD page and you will find the option to disable COD for specific products here:





With this option active, your COD payment method will not be visible if the customer is buying one of the selected products.


The app is completely free to install and works on all Shopify plans and we also offer 24/7 support, so if you have any questions or you need help feel free to contact us from there!


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Marco from Releasit

Install Releasit Cash On Delivery for free here: https://apps.shopify.com/cash-on-delivery-fee
Add a fee to Cash on Delivery and limit COD based on any condition (order total, location, products, collections, etc.)

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Hi @Foint ,


You can achieve this with the Kip: Customize Payment Methods app, which lets you hide payment methods based on conditions like product SKUs in the customer's cart.


After you enter the app, click the "create hide rule" option:



Then in the payment methods to hide, select Cash on Delivery (COD):

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 10.43.17.png

In the condition select the "Cart item SKUs" condition, then you can enter the product SKUs that you want, and select the "does not contain" condition:



This will result in Cash on Delivery being available only in the selected products.


I hope you found this helpful!

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Yes, you can manage your payment methods for different products by using the PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app. This app allows you to offer only prepaid payment methods for your expensive products and both prepaid and COD options for your entry-level products.


Here’s how you can hide COD for your expensive products by selecting the collections or each individual items:


  1. Choose Cash on Delivery from the Select payment methods field.
  2. If you want to utilize collections, select your collection for the expensive items from the Collections field.
  3. If you want to add products directly, select your items one by one from the Products field.




Now if a customer adds the expensive product to their cart, they will not see the Cash on Delivery at the checkout page anymore.