WARNING: Shopify Fees not refunded when customer refunded

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My products cost $3000, and there is a $100 fee that shopify takes when someone makes a purchase.  But if I refund partially, there is no partial refund of this fee (like even paypal will do!) and if I do a FULL refund it will still cost me that $100 fee.  I'm outraged and ready to drop this platform. 

Note that even a test purchase of $1.00 has a $0.30 fee (or so) that WILL NOT be refunded!  

Klarna suggests when integrating with shopify to make a trial purchase (https://www.klarna.com/us/business/platforms-and-partners/shopify/)   I wonder If I'll be out the shopify fee if I do this.

Here's the excerpt from my chat session:

16:19 Karishma B (Support Advisor): What I'm saying is that when you're issuing a refund to a customer, there aren't additional fees associated with that refund. When a customer makes a purchase, however, you are charged credit card fees. And if you issue a refund to the customer, those credit card fees do not get refunded back to you.

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I don't know why this thread has not gotten traction. I recently started noticing the same thing. Why is it that when doing a full refund, the transaction fees are kept?


The only solution I've come up with is maybe stating in my refund policy that any cancelled orders will be subject to the credit card processing fee, or that the customer can get a 100% refund as a gift card. What do you guys think?