Weight Based Shipping Rate Not Calculating Properly In Checkout

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I have set up an extensive shipping rate system calculating AED 25 per 1 kg starting at 0 - 0.5kg as AED 12.5, 0.51 - 0.99kg as AED 25 and so on. I did this all up to 

259.51kg–259.99kgAED 6,512.50


Now I have weights for all my products but now for example I try and order an item that weights 0.6kg, at checkout it should give me shipping at AED 25 but instead I am getting AED 3,287.50  which is the rate for 131.5 kg as seen below. 

aforders.com_42868801694_checkouts_7e1ea2a43f434e311824340d14c749ef(iPad Pro) (1).png


 I am also facing the the error message, kindly assist.