What can I do if my online boutique's funds are frozen by the platform?

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I own an online boutique that I haven’t been able to manage for awhile, so I sold all of my old inventory, furniture from my shop, and even started offering coaching sessions for upcoming business owners in hopes to make money and start fresh. I had 3 customers that were interested in purchasing, the min those sells were deposited into my account Shopify deactivated my website and froze all of my money on my Shopify card saying I violated a guideline! I’ve been in business for close to 4years using Shopify and have over 1000 customers/orders that has been placed through Shopify. I disputed the accusation LAST WEEK. I sent in all of the documents requested. In between time I constantly checked in with the support teams. They haven’t been helpful at all. Even lying to me stating that my customers filed a dispute, in which they DID NOT. Once I told support that none of my customers filed disputes they changed their story to "But they can file a dispute in the future" which none of my customers would do. I’ve been using Shopify for almost four years. And maybe had 1 dispute EVER about 2 years ago. My store isn’t always getting "flagged" so I have no idea what this is about. Today I checked on the status of the dispute, only for Shopify to send me the SAME email I replied to a week ago, REQUESTING THE SAME DOCUMENTS the I sent already. It’s scary how so many ppl trust them with their businesses and at any moment they can snatch it from you due to "What if’s" I noticed upon researching that a lot of small business are dealing with this from them! It’s unfair and even worse that you can’t speak to a human being. All of the support staff sound like robots and repeat the same things. I was told last week my documents were being processed. Only to be asked again TODAY for the same things! Over 13k is being held right now. And no one can tell me ANYTHING! 

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