What does 'Attn-reg-tax-mismatch' tag mean on my orders?

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This morning I came in to a strange tag next to some of my orders: "Attn-reg-tax-mismatch" 


What does this mean?

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Check the order timeline to see if there are any details there.

If not, check to see if you have any apps that auto tag orders, if yes then check the rules set up there or ask the app if they added the tag.

If those don't turn up any clues, sounds like it's something triggering with Shopify because of your tax configuration, this document might help (I googled the tag name and this section of Shopify docs has a similar meaning "registration tax") - https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/taxes/registration


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I also got tons of them randomly.  Been a shop for years never had this.  

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