What does 'fulfillment in progress' mean in online orders?

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I'm just a little confused on why it is I say fulfilment in progress when someone ordered something im also new to this but learning fast 


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Why Sometimes CJ Dropshipping Processing Time is Too Long?

What leads to a long processing time?

If you have been working with CJ before, you will know CJ Dropshipping does not manufacture those products, so we purchase them from suppliers. For some hot products, CJ will pre-stock inventories. However, there is numerous merchandise in the market, so CJ cannot pre-stock all of them. So you will need to understand that most of the products are not stocked in CJ warehouses.

Once orders are generated, purchase agents will look for the best suppliers to purchase products. Then the warehouse will check the quality, remove the invoice, and other information from the supplier, then repackage and send it out to your customers. These procedures usually take 3-5 days.

Sometimes CJ received complaints about “Why do my orders take so long to process?” “Your processing time is much longer than you promised.”, and so on. In this article, we will talk about this problem, find out why sometimes orders take a longer time to process, and how to control the processing time.

For those products stocked in CJ warehouses, the processing time is 1-2days, others 3-6days. These are the processing times for most of the orders; however, some unexpected situations could prolong the processing time.

From past experiences, we concluded 4 types of issues that can cause a long processing time:

  • The suppliers can’t send the products in time
  • Delivery delay due to local delivery problem
  • The warehouse can’t ship orders in time
  • The warehouse received problematic products

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