What has happened to the Payouts Schedule?

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Hi all,

Overnight, Shopify has removed the Payouts Schedule. This included 'Previous Payout', 'Next Payout' and 'Balance'.

I went on the chat and it seems that this removal is deliberate. This information is critical for Merchants to know what monies have been received by Shopify and when it is coming.

We now as merchants cannot plan our cashflow and just sit and wait to see what mystery amount will drop into our accounts.

Am I the only Merchant to see this as a problem and cannot understand why they have done it?

Look forward to some responses.




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I'm only on day two on Shopify I have not funded acc and have no trades
yet. I'm having difficulty with my card till Monday. I'm trying to find
through Shopify and keep getting an error message . I'm pretty sure I don't
have any pay ins or outs yet. Apologies for any alarm I've caused and I'll
rectify asap. Thank you
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I agree I  found the same problem here today. 

I check it frequently to see cash flow and transaction charges in one view so I know what to expect in.


Shopify whats going on? Why would you remove something useful? We really need this back!