What if we don't use aliexpress in china?

What if we don't use aliexpress in china?

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Hi, I have a new store on shopify, and still in the process of learning. Currently I don't have any products to sell yet, but I had a question about dropshipping items from aliexpress. Does aliexpress have a warehouse within the US that ships products rather than only coming from China. Most of the products for sale on aliexpress take 25-48 days shipping time depending on the items. Isn't this a disadvantage for customers buying items from me, and having such long shipping times? Is there any other suppliers that work with shopify and oberlo that do not have 40 day shipping times?

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Hi MarisMarket,


    I also come from Aliexpress Dropshipping and after several shops launched (a couple also with good results), I have abandoned this approach. One of the reasons is what you mentioned, but many other issues would arise in the future, mainly due to unstable relationship you'd build with the small resellers populating that platform. I suggest you to investigate Alibaba, where you'll find the real factories (not just resellers) and some huge multi-category distributors. Believe it or not several of them also work in Dropshipping mode, but the trust you can put in them is 100 times higher than Aliexpress, which is a solution suggested by outdated online courses on how becoming millionaire in 3 months work with just 500 $ capital.... :-))))

Finally I also have abandoned the Alibaba solution to switch to a warehouse in EU (I sell here) with a quality control manager there: I buy stocks and sell with peace of mind and rapid 3-5 days delivery time, which is not a nice to have but a critical must in todays ecommerce.

I understand you could not have the liquidity for stock purchase plus you could be scared (and you have to) about Customs procedures, but if you spend time in qualifying Alibaba suppliers you could find some with EU/USA already custom free products available there. Of course you start to cut your margins, but this could be a reasonable solution for your business needs.


I wish you the best, ciao!



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Hi, @MarysMarket

I understand that longer shipping times are not always ideal for your customers. AliExpress is the only dropshipper that connects to Oberlo. 

If you're looking for US dropshipping options, I'd be happy to give you a few options: 

We also have a couple great resources I'd recommend reading through from our blog. The first is a detailed description of the  7 best dropship suppliers for 2021, which includes shipping information, location, and more. The second is all about tips to becoming successful in dropshipping this year. 

What type of products are you selling in your store? Do you have a specific niche you're targeting? 

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