What's the best global payment option for a digital product store?

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Hi everyone. I am trying to set up my digital product store, the main market is Mexico but I want to be able to sell worldwide. I chose STRIPE as the first option but I've run some tests and there is a lot of issues with accepting mexican payments and payments from other countries. What is the best payment option to be able to sell worldwide in different currencies without so much trouble?? Thanks a lot!!!

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If you're looking to set up a global digital product store with a focus on Mexico, but also catering to customers worldwide, considering the right payment option is crucial. While Stripe is popular, you've encountered issues with Mexican and international payments. For smooth worldwide transactions with diverse currencies, here are some solid alternatives to explore:

  1. PayPal: Trusted globally, PayPal supports various currencies and offers a seamless payment experience. It's widely recognized and can help you tap into both Mexican and international markets.

  2. 2Checkout: With a focus on international sales, 2Checkout provides multi-currency support and diverse payment methods. It streamlines global transactions while addressing local preferences.

  3. Shopify Payments: Within Shopify's ecosystem, Shopify Payments offers multi-currency features. It simplifies transactions while adapting to various customer currencies.

  4. Digital Wallets: Consider integrating options like Apple Pay and Google Pay for smooth and secure payments across devices.

  5. Local Gateways: Incorporating country-specific payment methods like "OXXO Pay" in Mexico can enhance the buying experience for local customers.

When selecting a solution, prioritize ease of use, currency flexibility, and global reach. Test the chosen option thoroughly to ensure a hassle-free experience for customers worldwide. Remember, each choice comes with its strengths, so find the one that aligns best with your store's goals and audience.

Best of luck with your digital store journey!

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