What to do when a customer's card is charged but no order is received?

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Customer claims their card was charged for an order I never received She sent me proof her card went through , I’m not sure what to tell her 

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Hey, @Rosaperezk! Welcome to Shopify Community!


I understand that this situation can be jarring. While it seems strange that a customer paid for an order that you didn't get in your store, this is something that sometimes happens and there's an explanation to it. I would love to shed some light on this and explain how you can proceed to resolve the issue. 


Whenever a customer claims they paid for an order and you cannot find any record of the order in your store, the customer most likely did not complete the full checkout process. On offsite payment gateways, or third-party gateways that redirect the customer to a separate window to complete the payment, the customer needs to wait until they're returned to the website before an order is created. 


There are instances where customers navigate away from the payment page before they're brought back to the website. This can happen when they close the window too soon, they lose internet connection while the payment is processed or if the third-party gateway takes too long to send the proper response back to us. While the payment is successfully processed, our system doesn't receive the confirmation it needs to verify that the payment is successful, therefore no order is generated and the cart is recorded as an abandoned checkout


To resolve this concern, you'll need to check your payouts and determine whether you received the payment. If you did, you can create a draft order to keep a record of the transaction and to fulfill it, otherwise, you can send the draft order to the customer to have them complete the payment or you can have them visit your website to place the order again. If you didn't receive the payment, the charge on the customer's credit card could be a pending payment that will eventually be reversed. They can contact their bank for clarification on the charge. 


If you have any questions about what I've shared above, do let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Summer | Social Care @ Shopify 
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