Which companies are best for online store payments, shipping and fulfillment?

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What better company would you recommend to do my Payments, Shipping and Fulfillment for my Online store? I am currently with Shopify. I had a bad issue with SPOCKET recommended by Shopify to give me 250 products for my store. SPOCKET only gave 218 and refused to complete 250 that I paid $288 for but asking me to sign up for 10,000 products that cost over $600. I refused and reported them to Shopify. They told me to keep asking SPOCKET and for 3 months $1 plan I was given, I was not able to do business. After a month, SPOCKET refused to refund my $288 and Shopify refused to refund me. Also, I do not like their Billing Management Department without a standby operator to answer Billing questions. Currently all my products are coming from DSers in China. I only go through Shopify to get everything coordinated with DSers. DSers does my shipping and fulfillment for me. Which company can you recommend for me? Two or three for me to choose, please. Thanks

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