Which fulfillment service when you start?

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Hello, everybody,
we are just starting our online business with Shopify. We are located in Vancouver/Canada, sell to customers in USA and Canada and are looking for an ecommerce fulfillment service.

Our first choice would be shipbob. Their support told us that the minimum order is 200 orders per month. We can not guarantee this amount yet, as we are just starting. We also do not want to start sending the packages ourselves.
Is there a recommended ecommerce fulfillment service in Canada/USA that is also suitable for ecommerce merchants just starting out?
regards, rhodes

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I've tried a few fulfillment services, including Shipbob (in the US), I still go with Amazon FBA.


Shopify fulfillment (shopify.com/fulfillment) should be pretty good, but as far as I know it's limited to sellers doing an average of 10 orders a day.


The flow I use:

- Send inventory into Amazon warehouses

- Connect the Amazon FBA fulfillment service to Shopify store

- Fulfill orders on Shopify through Amazon

- Now you have 2 good sales channels - website + Amazon


Here are the details on the setup, including how to automate it: speedboostr.com/automate-order-fulfillment-on-shopify.


Side bonus is that you can launch new products / variations on Amazon to get data on what people want. This is especially helpful when your website / brand is new and you don't have an audience yet, because it's pretty easy to get a lot of views on Amazon.


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Thank you very much for your detailled reply. We will have a look at shopify fullfillment. Amazon FBA looks very smart, too. However, we would like to have more control over our customer data.

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Your best option would be OTW Shipping. We have no account or setup fees so you only pay for what you ship. Our minimum order quantity is as low as 30-50 orders per month! Shoot me an email at team@otwshipping.com.