Which is better for returns: AfterShip or another app?

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I currently use AfterShip for my returns but it doesnt allow everything I am needing. Has anyone used the returns option that Shopify offers? Or does anyone suggest another app? We would love to have a returns set up by customer tag as well.


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Could you add some more detail for what you mean by "returns set up by customer tag"?


Our 5-star app, Atomic Returns, offers automations based upon customer tags: overriding default fees (or free returns), automatically generating shipping labels, sending resolutions.  We also allow configuring different policies (and maintaining compliance to submission) for different products groups.

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You'll likely get quite a few different apps offered here 🙂 I can put forward ours, Starshipit. It has a fairly robust returns feature (check out the page here), including the ability to create a dedicated returns portal where your customers can self-service their own returns. Starshipit is also a shipping automation app so you get access to a lot more functionality. Happy to answer any other questions you may have. Good luck!

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