Which is the Best fulfillment center in the USA?

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Hello everybody,
do you know a fulfillment center in the USA that is good?
I am doing some research and came across ShipBob, Deliverr, ShipMonk, Redstagfullfillment, etc

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Hey Alebe,


We have blogs on Shipmonk and Shipbob that may provide some help! Obviously, the best fulfillment center for your product depends very much on you and your product. We tend to recommend staying away from larger players like Deliverr, Shipmonk, Shipbob, etc because you will be just another client to them. We are a growing fulfillment center that may be what you're looking for (OTW Shipping). We have had customers switch from all of the big players for similar reasons. We emphasize customer service through our Slack-like channel for direct comms with our team, as well as great rates!

Here's one of our reviews from one of our clients who switched from Shipmonk:

I never take the time to write reviews, but when I needed a 3PL to replace the garbage service we were getting at ShipMonk, I looked at OTW. Fast forward a couple months, and I could NOT be happier. Better than ShipMonk in every way, and I was able to keep up a very similar workflow through their Online Management System. If you guys are reading this, great job, my company wouldn't be doing as well if I didn't have you on fulfillment. ❤️
- Joshua @ getqiwi.com

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I run a growing 3PL called 3PLzen that does a fantastic job of fulfillment. We emphasize great rates and customer service! Give us a call. We promise you'll talk to a person.

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I own a clothing business and have been looking for a fulfillment center too. It is so overwhelming and there is so much to consider. I was wondering if you have had any luck? I have talked to so many and the pricing is all so different. 


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I have spoken with 50+ fulfillment centers and 3pls because I wanted to find the "best" fulfillment center for our brand. We didn't want to scale fulfillment and expand to a larger warehouse so we searched everywhere for a company. We ended up going with a company called Atomix, which we were lucky we had a friend recommend them because we never would have found them.

However, they're not the biggest company but for us they had the best combination of price, experience, and service, and unique operations. Their team is top-notch and helped us a ton, but they haven't been around for awhile. The fact that they only work with certain brands was actually a huge plus for us.

I help advise several DTC brands and for the 9 figures and above ones I would recommend different fulfillment centers. For example, distributing inventory and 2-day shipping matters more and they can predict volume and optimize costs with more data; and large brands can afford, for example, if the fulfillment center happens to lose large inventory shipments (which will happen) and to send more inventory. For smaller brands, you really have to find a partner that is invested in your growth.

In my opinion, the best for 6-7 figure brands, like myself, would be using the company we found or finding a similar one.

Happy to answer any questions!

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Hi! I am looking for an American fulfilment provider as well and I friend of mine just advise me to use Huboo (www.huboo.co.uk)