Why am I being charged $1.50 for USPS first class mail?

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I'm shipping individual stickers in a 6x9" envelope. These are well below the 1oz guideline for a Forever Stamp at $0.63. I'm confused as to why I'm being charged $1.50 per USPS shipping label. I feel like I have all of my settings correct. $1.50 is an example. I have another one at $1.26, which is the cost of 2 forever stamps but the total weight is 0.5oz. What gives?

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Have you found a solution? I have my stickers in a separate shipping profile with only First Class mail and First Class Package and only first class package shows up. I really don’t want to only have First Class Mail as I am not sure how that will affect it if the stickers are purchased with other items that use the First Class Package rate.
Currently it is charging $3.59 for one sticker.