Why am I still being charged 2% transaction fees on Shopify?

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I'm on Basic Legacy plan I come to understand that there will be a 2% charge on any 3rd party transaction used. I'm reading everywhere and what I gathered is, as long as my shopify payment is activated, I will not get any 2% charge if customer were to cart out by Paypal.


However I just receive a bill with 7 transactions being charged with the 2%, upon approaching the live chat they told me there was no mistake. My shopify payment is turned on, and even my paypal option stated 0% transaction fee, but I am still being slapped 2% transaction fees bill in my face. 


I do not condone the fees at all but I just wish to understand what happen here and if there's anyway for me to prevent it from happening. Could it be that the period of time shopify payment was switched off when the transaction happen? If so, is there anyway I could confirm this? 



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Hi, @emcalli!


Thanks for reaching out. I did some digging and I found that if the order was placed through Facebook or Instagram, you would be charged a transaction fee if the customer checked out with PayPal (even if you have Shopify Payments enabled). That is specific for orders placed through Facebook/Instagram.


If you haven't received any orders from the Facebook/Instagram sales channel, then you should not have been charged a transaction fee. I recommend getting back in touch with us through the Help Center so we can take another look. I apologize if you were given inaccurate information when you last contacted us! 


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

Greta | Shopify 
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