Why am I unable to use Shopify payments after a customer dispute?

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I have been told i can no longer use shopify payments to process order and I did nothing wrong. I have sold a few 100 items this month and had 0 disputes until a singular customers decided to charge back 7 orders within 10 mins. This caused shopify to stop allowing me to use their processor! PLEASE HELP ME! i have contacted support many times and i keep getting the same answer that its "irreversible". I never did anything wrong please allow me permission.


Owen Macqueen
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Hi there, @MysterySkins


I definitely hear your frustrations and empathize with you completely.


Though the Community is a great place to seek other merchant feedback, who may have similar experiences, fixing the matter will ultimately come from our Shopify Payments/Billing teams regarding this matter which is why I urge you to respond directly to their correspondence with you. 


You should've received an email from them outlining why you were banned from using this payment processor. If you need further clarification on why this happened, I recommend you reply directly to that email to communicate directly with the team handling this specific issue for you as they are the only ones who can shed clarity in to such matter for us. 


Moreover, I have also attached this resource from us that provides you other alternative payment processors that you can utilize in the meantime while you go about fixing this matter with Shopify Payments so that you are still able to accept payments and continue your business operations. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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