Why are my parcels getting returned from Germany?

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I have had a number of parcels be returned to me when they have been shipped to Germany. I am unsure why they are being returned as I have listed the correct weight, paid to the correct postage, and identified the correct size of the parcel.


I have never had a customer tell me that they have refused at the parcel because they were due to pay some import tax. The customers have all said they understand they may need to pay tax if there is any. The parcels that I have received back also tell me that the recipient has refused the parcel, which has never been the case when I have contacted the recipients. (Photo attached).



Upon my research I have found information on the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS). However, have never been able to find a way in which to apply this to German orders through shopify. I'm also still unsure why there is an issue.


I would love to know if anybody else has had an issue like this and how they have solved it. Despite all of this, I have actually had parcels sent to Germany without being returned for the same items. It just doesn't make sense...


Thanks in advance.



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Hi JHarris,


IOSS is one of the special schemes used for simplified import of low value consignments to the EU. It allows you to collect VAT on checkout and pay it through your fiscal representative to the EU tax authorities.   Your customers see the final price and will not have to pay anything to the customs .There are limits to the scheme (150 EUR intrinsic order value and no excise goods inside). 

We can register you for the scheme in 2-3 days . Please visit us here  www.easproject.com.

You will have additional manuals and help to setup Royal mail solutions (i.e. Click and Drop) and, what you will definitely have is  piece of mind 🙂   



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