Why are my shipping costs not calculating correctly on my online store?

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Hi.  I just launched my store yesterday (8/18/23) and to test everything out I made a purchase myself from the store, and also had a friend who lives only about 5 miles away also make a purchase.  I only sell 4 different items on my store.  In my Products settings I have entered the exact weight of each item, so the system should know the exact weight for shipping.  And in my Shipping settings, I have also entered the exact dimensions of the box and the exact weight of the box. EVERYTHING I ship will use the EXACT SAME BOX.  Now, in the Shipping settings the Shopify default shipping cost for Economy 0-5 lbs is $4.90, and the default shipping cost for Economy 5-70 lbs is $19.90.  All four products I sell are under 5 lbs, including the weight of the box.  When I made my test purchase, Shopify charged me $4.90 for Economy shipping.  Which made total sense to me given what I've said above.  Shopify also charged my friend $4.90 for Economy shipping.  Again, makes total sense.  However, when I purchased economy shipping labels for the two purchases, my label cost me $7.00 and the label for my friend's shipping cost me $6.90.  So bottom line is I LOST more than $4 in shipping costs on the two purchases combined!!  And that was for shipping to items essentially from and to the same zip code.  No idea how much I would have lost if I was shipping to somewhere hundreds of miles away!


So I guess my main question is:  Why isn't Shopify providing a shipping cost at Checkout which matches EXACTLY what I'll have to pay when I then buy the shipping label to ship it?  Shopify knows the zip code I'm shipping to, and it knows the EXACT dimensions and weight of the box I'm shipping.  Is there something in the Shipping settings that would allow for calculating the exact shipping cost for the customer that matches exactly what I will have to pay for the label?  As opposed to using these default costs like the $4.90?  I know that I can manually edit the $4.90 to be higher, but I just want to have the shipping cost I charge my customers to be exactly the same cost that I pay, based on their exact zip code and the exact dimensions/weight of the box being shipped.  Shopify has all that information because if forced me to enter it all, so why is Shopify not using that data to custom calculate the shipping cost for the customer and me?


Thank you for any help anyone can help.



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Hello @TFraipont,

The precise cost of shipping the order can only be calculated by shipping companies. This cost varies among different companies.


For this situation, the sole choice is to use carrier-calculated rates at the checkout.


Shopify shipping offers several carrier-calculated rates. If these are not available, you might consider using an app that assists you in integrating with the specific carrier you require, enabling you to accurately calculate shipping rates during checkout.

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Thank you Mirdas!