Why are my Shopify payouts still pending with no updates?

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Shopify Payouts Pending - No Update 


Our most recent store launched a few weeks ago, and our payouts are all pending. No email or communication from Shopify to say anything was wrong. Contacted them at the beginning of the week to raise an issue and was told it would be fixed ‘shortly’.  

All they have said is that the issue is with the  verification team and to await an email with a link to verify more details about our business. This was their “priority”… It’s been 5 days with no update, and all I keep getting told is to be patient and that the matter is their greatest priority. But there is no timeline given, I don’t know if this will take weeks or months. 

Issues such as this inhibit our ability to grow as a business and also creates a great distrust in using this platform when they can sit in your money and provide no explanation. 


Anyone else had this issue ? What did you do? 


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