Why can't customers in Washington DC order from my online store?

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I was told by a customer I don’t ship to D.C., but in my shipping zones, it shows Washington DC under the United States zone.  I’m not sure how to ensure my products are available there. Is there another way to verify? 

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I've run into this before, and it's very frustrating. It could be related to your customer's browser and their internet connection. It could also be related to the shipping information in your checkout taking "too long" to load. If you use vendors or 3rd party services to fill orders, their shipping details may be taking too long to load.

Shopify returns the message that the store doesn't deliver to that location when the shipping information, for whatever reason, "times out." If you're 100% sure everything is configured correctly, you'll need to look at load times and possibly into any apps you may be using that could impact the checkout process. Try troubleshooting by placing test orders yourself. Try different payment methods, shipping locations, and products. Sometimes, asking customers to try again in a few hours or the next day will work, and their experience will be different. Of course, who wants to tell a customer to go away and try again?! You can always hire a tech-enabled services company (like mine) to help if it's an ongoing issue.