Why Can't I add weights to my products!!!!!

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Hi all! I am trying to set up my shipping and I am ready to quit Shopify! I sell coffee and the shipments can get pretty heavy. It is very easy for me to undercharge for shipping and have to pay out of pocket for the difference. I want to add the weight of my products to the variants, but there is NO OPTION to do so. In the general shipping profile, it gives preloaded shipping rates based off of weight!!! BUT there isn't anywhere for me to enter my products weight??? How the frick can Shopify Shipping calculate what the customer will be charged for shipping if I can't enter the weights of my products.  I have searched and searched and searched for answers to this but I can't find anything helpful. I am using the Dawn theme on the Shopify Plan. 


Why does Shopify make setting up shipping such a mystery? It is a simple thing that Shopify seems to make super complicated. On Etsy it is very simple and works great. I enter a price for the item to ship by itself, and then I add a price if the item is added to an order with other items in it. Simple.  The tutorials for setting up Shopify Shipping are pretty useless. They try to push you to ship for free. Stupid. I have so many hours invested in trying to set up shipping and feel defeated. I wonder how many people quit Shopify before they started because of how stupid the shipping setup is. 


Any insight here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much!

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You can add weight to variants in your product detail page by selecting the variant and clicking the three dots next to "Bulk edit", and selecting "Edit weight" from the dropdown menu (see attached photo); or after selecting the variant, you can click "Bulk edit", on the bulk edit page, click "Columns" on the top right corner, from the drop down menu select weight under "Shipping" category to add weight in the table for editing.

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