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Why can't I put my Shopify shop on "pause and build" and still use the POS I am paying for?

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Highly irritated.

We have a Shopify Plan and also a POS plan, so we pay $190/month, but I can't put my Shopify Plan on pause and build and still use the POS that I pay for. When i put the Shopify plan on pause and build the POS checkout stops working (for ANY method of payment).

So I've paid for five months of the Shopify plan that is useless to me until the online shop is actually built.

Are you telling me there's no way to use Shopify POS on it's own without a Shopify online store?

I don't have my online shop set up yet, I just want to use and pay for Shopify POS and the "pause and build" $9 plan until I'm ready to put my product online.

How is that accomplished?

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Hi @sucralose 

I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

Are you telling me there's no way to use Shopify POS on it's own without a Shopify online store?

As specified by Shopify here, you need a Shopify Store to use Shopify POS even if you don't want to sell online:

Why do I need a Shopify store if I don't want to sell online?

Your Shopify store is where you manage information such as your customers, inventory, and account details regardless of where you sell. The Shopify POS app handles customer-facing activities and your in-store settings.

As specified by Shopify here:

While your store is paused, you can't use online store checkout, POS, discounts, abandoned checkout recovery, gift cards, or third-party integrations such as Facebook and Google to publish your products. You can send draft order invoices, but the customer won't be able to complete the checkout process and draft orders can't be converted to live orders.

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Hi @sucralose,

You should take a look at ConnectPOS! As the leading POS solution for Shopify, we value your performance and try our best for you to have a seamless selling experience. With ConnectPOS, you can create orders when your Shopify plan is in the "Pause and Build" state. So don't hesitate to book a free demo to explore our power!

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