Why can't I see UPS as a shipping option in my Canadian Shopify store?

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I've been struggling to figure out how to get UPS as an option for my Shopify Canada store.

We have a .ca store which only sells to Canada and only ships to Canada, under the add rates I only have Canada post options.

I do not have UPS options, I've got through many documentations and I do not see the options which are explains in the documentation, I tried the basic plans and the next level up as suggested by support here.

Support claims I should see it, then they explain I will only see it on the mid level plan so I upgraded, now they tell me I also need to pay roughly a 25$ per month charge.

With the basic plan without any app installed, should I see UPS when I add rates? I do not,

I don't see it with the mid plan

I don't see it with the UPS add added and it connected to my corporate account.

I have not yet added this additional 25$ / month add on as it seems even support isn't sure if this is needed. Support claims they will escalate this higher and get back to me, they don't.

Any Advice?


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Hi @PPCUser 
For $456 CAD ( Shopify Basic Yearly Plan) you can have Carrier calculated shipping (CCS) for free & once it is enabled you can add UPS for shipping on the Canada store But to enable the Carrier calculated shipping (CCS) you have to ask Shopify support directly to enable the CCS

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Thanks RIshi,


How did you see my post? I would have asked you directly.