Why does my second bank account result in an 'incorrect information' error on Shopify?

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We have an advanced subscription which allows us to have a second bank account which we have added but Shopify keeps giving an error saying 'incorrect bank information'.  Chat support doesn't seem to be going anywhere..  Anybody know if this second bank account feature actually works?

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Hi, @charlesyeats!


Welcome to Shopify Community and thank you for sharing your question.


While I have never heard of this being an offered solution, I was absolutely happy to double check all offerings on our end to make sure I don't miss anything.


The results of my investigation concluded that one Shopify account can only be paired with one bank account at this time, regardless of your plan tier. There is no way to connect more than one bank account at this time for payouts, though I am curious to understand where you are trying to connect this second account and experiencing the above error?


If you're using a third-party app with separate payouts that could be a possibility, however, this is not a built-in feature that we currently offer.


If you can provide more details around where you are seeing this, I'd be happy to guide as best as I can.


Warm regards,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Olivia
Thanks for reaching out.
I'm attaching a transcript of 2 Shopify support agents, Julia and Mohammed,
both confirming that YES we can operate 2 bank accounts. There are even
instructions somewhere on your website detailing how one goes about doing
As you can imagine, this has become quite an issue now, as our client has a
substantial amount of USD currency that is waiting to be remitted.
A live interaction with somebody senior in support would really be
Thank you

- Julia
8:58 am
Hi Charles Yeats, here's the transcript of our recent chat. The ticket
number is 41513033.

Full chat transcript below. All timestamps in UTC timezone.

15:36 Julia (Support Advisor): Hi, this is Julia, your Shopify Support

15:37 Julia (Support Advisor): How are you doing today Charles? 🙂 I
understand you have a question about receiving payouts when customers are
paying in their local currency. I'm just bringing up your store information
here to take a look at this with you!

15:38 Charles Yeats: HI Julia, so the age old question..
We are a Canadian company but ideally want all USD sales remitted to us in
USD and not converted to CAD. How can we achieve this?

15:40 Julia (Support Advisor): This is a great question! I believe that
this may be an option since you are on the Advanced Shopify Plan. Let me
see what I can find!

15:42 Julia (Support Advisor): So just to confirm, you would have two
separate bank accounts connected for payouts. One would be for payouts in
CAD and the other would be in USD - is this correct?

15:42 Charles Yeats: Correct

15:43 Julia (Support Advisor): Perfect! Our Selling and getting paid in
different currencies help doc outlines that this is an option for merchants
on your current plan.

15:44 Julia (Support Advisor): You can read more about this in the Payouts
in multiple currencies section of the help doc, which mentions: "If your
business is based in Canada and your store is on the Advanced Shopify or
Plus plan, then you can connect two bank accounts and receive payouts in
CAD and USD currencies with Shopify Payments. Payouts are sent to separate
bank accounts that are in each respective currency. For example, orders in
CAD currency are routed to your CAD bank account, and orders in USD
currency are paid out into your USD bank account."

15:45 Julia (Support Advisor): Here are the steps to add a secondary payout

Please note that the Account Owner of the store would need to make this
change, as you do not have the permissions to do so as a staff member 🙂

Either me or one of my teammates will be happy to continue helping you out.
And of course, you can always reach out through our Shopify Help Center for
live support.



3:10 pm

Hey Charles,

Mohammed here from Shopify Support, thank you for sharing this, firstly I
would like to address the confusion regarding payout bank accounts. I can
confirm, Canadian merchants on the advanced plan can have 2 payout bank
accounts one for CAD and one for USD.

At the moment, I see there is just one bank account connected to your store
which is the *BMO account ending in 74 with payout currency CAD. *

Now you did mention that you connected a USD bank account and the USD
transactions were not being deposited to the respective account, I had a
look at the recent payouts and it appears that some of the payouts failed
because the bank account information entered was incorrect. Can you confirm
the right account details were added?
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Thanks for following up, @charlesyeats!


My apologies as I didn't understand that you were selling and getting paid in different currencies from your original post. In that case, yes, you do have the ability to set up a secondary payout account when using supported currencies with Shopify Payments


I have attached the official documentation for clarification that does mention the ability to connect the secondary account, subject to any applicable international currency payout fees. So yes, to answer your original question, this feature absolutely does work.


With that being said, if you have already opened two+ chat tickets with us and have been unable to resolve it, then I recommend an escalation to the Shopify Payments account team. Our Public Support team is unable to do this due to authentication and security issues, however, chat support can escalate the request. 


I trust they will be able to access your account to take a deeper look into why the account type is not being supported and you're seeing this error.

Warm regards, 

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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