Why does my store say 'shipping not available' at checkout?

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I have customers telling me that when they go to pay their invoice it is saying "shipping not available for selected address".  Can anyone tell me what I could be doing wrong.  I'm sure it is something in the settings I'm doing wrong.  

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Hi there @Lemandabi. Thank you for posting your question! I'm happy to look into this with you. I just have a few questions to make sure I fully understand what's happening for your customers.

  • Is this happening to all customers and all orders or does it only happen sometimes?
  • What shipping rates do you currently offer? Do your rates have any conditions?
  • Which regions do you currently ship to?

When this error message happens in your checkout it typically means that the product(s) in the cart are having trouble making a clear path to a shipping rate. There's a few reasons this could be happening. To start troubleshooting I would recommend the following:




  • If you are using price based shipping rates, confirm that your rates cover all order total possibilities. For example, if you only have one rate set up as "free shipping on orders $100 and up", but your customer is trying to check out with an order less than $100, there would be no rates to show them and they would receive that error message.
  • Confirm that the product(s) being purchased are set up properly to inform what shipping rates should apply. For example, on the product detail page double check that the setting This is a physical product is enabled. If you are using weight-based shipping rates or calculated shipping rates you will also want to double check that the items being purchased have a weight assigned.
  • Make sure that your products and variants have inventory at the locations you are shipping from. You can find this by going to Products and clicking on the product you want to view. Under the Inventory section you will see a list of the locations you have and the amount of inventory you have at each location. You can also read more about assigning inventory to locations on this page.



Try that out and let me know if your customers are still having trouble. I know there are quite a few steps so please let me know if you have any questions.

Erin | Shopify 
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Dear Erin,


I'm facing the same "Shipping not available" problem except that earlier, shipping worked fine. 


The error happened when we added new markets and shipping profiles and now  both the new and earlier markets have this error. The only place where shipping works is for the domestic market under "Local Delivery". None of the shipping under "Custom shipping rates" for overseas markets showed up.


All markets are activated and shipping zones set up. I also can't add products - it just keeps loading but none of the products showed up- under "Manage shipping profile" but I don't think this is the issue since shipping worked previously without this. 


I've attached screenshots for reference. Hope I can get a solution to this soon as we're losing customers.

Capture.PNGCapture 2.PNG


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Hey, @arcmarktg! That does look strange. It looks like we'll need to access your account in order to resolve this issue.


While we're not able to provide account-specific support via Community at this time, we'd be happy to continue assisting you through our available support channels. Please visit our help center and login for assistance. - Dirk

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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