Why doesn't Shopify allow marking online orders as paid by check?

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I'm curious why Shopify doesn't allow orders created online to be marked as paid by check on the POS? Yesterday, we accepted a check for an order we created for a customer online. We emailed them the order, they came in to our store to pick it up, and they wrote us a check (it was a $12,000 order). But when I opened in the order in our POS terminal and went to checkout, I couldn't mark the order as paid by check. Every other payment option was allowed. What's the point of not allowing stores to accept checks for online orders? 


We ended up marking the order as paid by cash, which is technically fine, but another hoop our bookkeeper has to jump through to properly total sales up at the end of the day. Shopify also allocated those sales to the day the order was made, not when it was fulfilled or paid.

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Date: April 2, 2024 and I have the same problem.  I operate exclusively in-store (that means no online transactions Shopify).  I cannot create charge accounts for my customers unless I suscribe to an app and pay an additional fee, so I started marking them as unpaid (It goes into my Enterprise account as if there is a Net30 for that sale).  If I accept a check as an alternative payment, it pays the day the invoice was created and places it in a wierd place in my Enterprise.  I have to dig through Enterprise to find the check, then alter the transaction in order to apply it.  If I place it as cash, it doesn't count in my deposits for the day, but retro-deposits it on the day the invoice was created.  I shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars in apps and subscriptions to accept a check and it go into my system correctly, or pay my outstanding invoices properly.