Why haven't I received any payments from my new Shopify website?

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I'm new to Shopify.
My new Shopify website went live on 3 January and I have already made lots of sales. Unfortunately I haven't yet received any Shopify payouts.


I have read all the help info endlessly and repeatedly and gone round and round in circles. I think the problem might be a mismatch in Incorrect Beneficiary/Recipient Name.


However, I can't find where to change the payee name to resolve this.


The virtual Help Center assistant says: "To update your payee name in Shopify Payments, go to Settings > Payment providers. Click Manage in Shopify Payments section. Under Payout bank account, click Change bank account. Enter correct info and hit Save."


I do this, but there isn't anywhere that I can see to change the recipient name to the same as the name on my bank account.


Indeed, in the Shopify Help Center section entitled "Resolving failed payouts" it says: "If you're unable to view the bank account holder name in your Shopify admin, then contact Shopify Support for help."


Where is this Shopify support? (or is it just the help info I've read over and over again?)


What am I missing? Can anyone advise?

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