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Why is Apple Pay not working on my product page?

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Hello everyone,

I'm facing an issue with Apple Pay, specifically, the payment option stopped working on the product page (however, it's functioning fine during checkout). I've tried all the recommendations from similar topics, including clearing cache and cookies, changing to 4 different devices, changing my IP address, and installing each free theme without any modifications, but nothing seems to help. The SSL certificate on the website is valid.


I have a paid basic plan, and previously, everything was working perfectly. However, for the past two weeks, I've been reaching out to support with no changes or solutions. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? If so, how did you resolve it?


The issue is only present on the product page!


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I have the same problem with some customers, they receive this error message and nothing they do enables them to checkout.


Shopify had issues with the checkout a few months ago, it seems like it is happening again. No acknowledgement or help from them though, I also contacted support who simply wrote in broken English to clear the cache. It is clearly a back-end issue, hopefully they will sort it out soon.