Why is DHL Germany not automatically recognized in Shopify's tracking field?

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Hi there, 


I have been working with Shopify and the German market for more than 5 years now. In the past, it was possible to paste a German DHL shipping number into the tracking number field and DHL Germany (or something similar) was automatically selected. However, for some reason the largest parcel carrier in Germany was removed and now the only option to select the largest parcel carrier in one of the largest European eCommerce market is to select "Others" and manually paste the tracking link into the field. 

Besides the fact that this creates more work for our shipping department, this is also a manual process which will lead to employees accidentally selecting the wrong carrier. 

I tried to speak to the support via chat about this. However, I have received information like the following. 

I understand and our shipping team has stated that our system is designed to go through the list alphabetically and assign the first carrier which matches that is why for now if the options is not showing you should pick ''other'' eventually this option will show at the top of the dropdown menu if this is consistently picked

This is not helping at all, as I am still convinced that it is a bug. How, is it possible that the largest carrier in one of the largest ecommerce market in Europe is not automatically recognized and requires a manual process (worked fine automatically for years in the past)? Especially since, as we all know, manual work will cause errors.

FYI: Instead of DHL Germany PostNord DK is automatically recognized whose tracking number structure could not be more different to DHL: 

DHL: only numbers
PostNord DK: kombination of numbers and letters

Maybe someone here can help?!

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Same issue. Any progress?