Why is my Brother QL-1100NWB printer cutting off shipping labels on Shopify app?

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I'm using a Brother QL-1100NWB printer and generating 4x6" shipping labels with the iOS Shopify app. Unfortunately all labels printed through Shopify cut off about 1/8" of the bottom, as though the printing starts further down on the label than it should. Normally it's not a big problem but when printing USPS international labels it cuts off the "quantity" values on the customs area items list and I have to write them in manually. It's annoying, and it doesn't happen with other things like PirateShip labels.


I don't see any way to adjust the zoom level, nor to adjust the alignment of the paper - though it only happening with Shopify leads me to believe it's not the printer doing it but the Shopify app not sending the labels at the correct size or something.


Anyone else had this problem and find a solution?


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