Why is my payment on hold?

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Hello my store is placed under a standard review.  All my payments are on hold so since it’s new I can’t keep fulfilling orders with no money coming in.  It’s been weeks and nothing I’m about to move to a different platform because of this.  Can anyone give me advice how to get this taken care of?

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Hi, @Jwolfe21.


Thank you for reaching out! 


I recommend contacting our Support Team, so they can look into this for you and provide you with some more information. 

Emily | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Shopify  keeps deleting the posts I continue to make in an effort to alert you to the rights you/we have- in EVERY country btw.   Is Shopify complicit with this activity?  However, It's okay- my attorney is sitting here with me as we screen record this entire last hour of deleted posts to further prove that Shopify is fully supporting the nefarious nature of these monies being withheld. 


This is called "money floating"  and yes, it's very illegal.  Shopify uses our funds for their purposes (like a bank- but they are NOT a bank, and they do not have the rights to do so).  The longer they have it- the more they can do with it.  *as if YOU don't need your own money for the same reasons.*. Equally-they are still bound by the law.  Here is is the post that has been deleted over 72 times today:

We are having the SAME PROBLEM:  We built YOUR business, Shopify.  WHY are you destroying OURS?


After opening our second store, we verified everything and were approved for Shopify Payments. After several transactions, I signed in to find that my payout of over 6k was on hold and I had to contact Shopify, which as we all know has migrated to a "chat bot".  This raises a RED FLAG. Why am I being asked to chase down a problem that I was never alerted to?  I'm told they will "email me".  2 days later without any response from Shopify, monies were still on hold, I'm getting frustrated.


Aren't there laws surrounding the handling of monies? 

YUP, there areon both sides of the coin.   
In this case: Shopify is the Payment Processor- while WE are the Consumer. 
US Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) and Regulation E

EFTA: The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (15 U.S. Code § 1693 et seq.) establishes the rights and liabilities of consumers and the responsibilities of all participants in electronic fund transfer systems.


  • Regulation E: Implements the EFTA and includes requirements for:
    • Disclosure of Terms and ConditionsPayment processors must clearly disclose the terms and conditions under which funds may be withheld.
    • Error ResolutionProcedures must be in place to resolve errors promptly, including those related to withheld funds.
    • Unauthorized Transactions: Handling and reporting unauthorized transactions and notifying the consumer promptly.
  1. Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP)
  • Enforced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), UDAAP prohibits financial service providers from engaging in unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices. Withholding funds without proper cause or clear communication can be considered a violation


After finally getting a response, Shopify asked me to verify the same documents I had previously provided to open the account. This seems negligent, especially now that they have $6,300 of our funds. I provided the documents again, and Shopify confirmed the account was in "good standing" and payments would be processed.  Yet, 15 minutes later, they sent another notification putting the account on hold again,  blocking incoming payments as well as the payout.  

For three days, I've been emailing Shopify “Customer Support” to find out what is needed now to resolve this issue. NO one can give me an answer.  They have "escalated my request" yet cannot seem to get tot he bottom of it and deliver a direct response towards a resolution.  Despite all of my emails and requests, I still receive the same false and inconclusive emails from Shopify:


"Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand the urgency of the hold on your payments. Two escalated tickets (Ticket #47680900 and Ticket #47610956) are actively addressing your concerns. Our specialized teams are working diligently on your case and will update you as soon as they have information."


This situation is debilitating and unreasonable. Shopify's actions are unlawful and unethical. They cannot withhold our money without providing any response or actionable steps within a reasonable time frame. They are using our cash for their business needs, while harming ours. 


Our money has been withheld.  Just like yours  Shopify REFUSES to deliver a response- of any kind towards clarity or a resolution (EFTA15 U.S. Code § 1693 et seq.E).  Furthermore, they "resolved" the matter  in my case and subsequently reversed it within minutes unceremoniously.  This is fraud.  This is deceptive.  This is unjust.  

After 8+ years with Shopify - what used to be excellent customer service has now become an absolute nightmare of seeming incompetence- or is it purposeful because they know we are small?  Are we?

I'd happily start a class action suit, as I am clearly not the only one affected.

Shopify's actions are Unfair, Deceptive, & Abusive

This is absolutely unacceptable.