Why is my payment processing freezing on my site?

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Hi Shopify,


I think that there is an issue when processing payments on my site (www.pragmamemorials.com). I have had messages from customers saying that the payment page freezes on processing payment and I've also checked my Google Analytics for Check/Processing page events which shows that only 50% of my customers' transactions are going through. This is very alarming. 


I've went through the checkout process many times and can't see any issues. Customers who use the paypal option don't have any issues... it seems to be the other payment methods (shopify payments) that have the issue. 


Can anyone help?


Many thanks,



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Shopify Partner
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We are experiencing a similar issue in both of our Shopify stores. We've received multiple messages from customers stating that the payment page freezes when trying to process payment and were unable to replicate the issue until today. 

Shopify ERROR MESSAGE (site 1)
"There was a problem with our checkout
Refresh this page or try again in a few minutes."

Shopify ERROR MESSAGE (site 2)

"order couldn't be submitted because of a network error. check your connection and try again"

This issue is happening on our test with a standard CC payment & are experiencing this issue both on Safari (that is using an updated version) & Chrome (that is using an up-to-date version). 


I hope we can get a response from Shopify as this type of issue is negatively impacting our conversion rates. I will have to dig into the numbers from my google analytics to see how bad of an impact this will have as we just launched our mother's day sales yesterday. 

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Did you receive any help on this issue from Shopify? We have been experiencing the exact same issue with our Shopify checkout and are wondering what steps we need to take to make sure this does not happen. It's causing frustrations with our customers and making us lose sales.