Why is my payout failing after changing bank accounts?

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I had my bank account set up as an other bank account. The payments were working fine and i tried to change it to a different card and it changed but the payouts weren't working and they kept saying "payout failed." At first one of them said paid and then it switched to failed a day after. I tried switching it back to the first account but I kept getting this notification. If you could help me figure out why the payments weren't working or how i can fix it that would be great. If not, could you tell me how to change it back to the first bank account?


To change your bank account, make the following changes:

  • Old account must match the information we have on file. Contact Support if you need further help.


I'm not sure if I put it in incorrectly during the initial set up or not. Can someone please help me?


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Hi, @youvswrld


I definitely understand the importance of getting this billing matter resolved sooner rather than later so I hope to clearly outline your best course of action regarding this matter.

I have found some links from our Help Center that I believe will help you in this situation. Give these resources a look over to see if it can help you resolve this on your end: Configuring Shopify Payments and Editing Bank Information

If these resources are still not providing us with the proper resolution, I urge you to reach out to our Support Team as they may need to look into your actual account and settings to be able to assist you accordingly in this matter.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.