Why is my store's product payment still pending after 14 days?

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I sold the product from my store and the payment has been pending for about 14 days. The money has not arrived in my account yet why?

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Hi, @Abd6.


I can see that you've tagged your post with the Shopify Payments label, but just to confirm and double check, you're using Shopify Payments as your store's payment gateway correct? And would this be the first time that you'd be receiving a payout?


If this is the first time that a payout is being sent out to you, please note that new accounts have a longer waiting period for their first payout. This has been set by our banking partners and can typically be anywhere from 7 to 14 days. Keep in mind also that on top of that, the payout may not appear in your bank account right after they're sent, as banks can take between 24-72 hours to process deposits to your bank account.

For context, some orders can be placed in a Pending state before the transaction is allocated to your next payout date and be delivered to you. Once a payout date has been determined by the system though, a specific date should show up next to each of the orders in your payouts page, to give you an indication on when the system will process the transaction and have it sent through to your nominated bank account. I'll leave some of our guides below for more information on payouts:


Can you also navigate to Settings > Payments > Shopify Payments > click Manage, then scroll down to the Payouts section? You should be able to see your payout schedule, and if you've selected the monthly option this could be why your payout is still in a Pending state.

If you've chosen the daily option as your payout schedule however, and are still not seeing a specific payout date for your orders, it's time to contact our live support team so that we can securely access your account and check your payouts from our end. You can contact our live support team via the Help Center here, where we'll then be able to assist you further with this matter.

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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