Why is 'order cannot be shipped to selected address' message popping up?

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Customers keep getting the message your order cannot be shipped to selected address. Even my husband tried and got the same message. Was all working fine the day before but not today for some reason.


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hi @Mac63 ,


The error you are encountering essentially indicates that shipping rates are not being retrieved.


In this case, you need to review all your setup to verify that everything is properly configured.


For instance, please check if the product is associated with any shipping profile, ensure that the address is included in the specified zones, and confirm whether the rates are either flat or conditional. If they are conditional, please confirm that the order total or weight matches the conditions mentioned.


Essentially, please verify if the shipping profile is set up correctly.


On the other hand, if you are using a shipping app, it's important to ensure that the settings there are also accurate.

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