Why is Shopify holding my payout funds for so long?

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Since January 30th, 2024, Shopify has been holding my payout funds, causing significant disruptions to my business operations.Initially, I was contacted to submit additional documents related to my business, which I promptly provided. My documents were reviewed and accepted. Subsequently, I received an email stating that my payout failed due to an issue with my bank processing the transaction. However, upon contacting my bank, they confirmed that there were no issues on their end.

Over the weekend, I was assured that Shopify would attempt to release my funds within 2 business days. Unfortunately, it has now been 5 days since that assurance, and neither my funds have been released nor have I received any further communication regarding the issue.

This situation has severely impacted my ability to meet financial obligations, including payments to suppliers and credit card bills. My business has been practically on pause due to the ongoing issues with Shopify holding my funds.I contacted the shopify support team nearly 6 times this whole week meaning once everyday and all i was told was they were going to escalate this issue and have no internal views whereby the can look at whats the issue. This is utterly heartbreaking and has stopped me from continuing my business. I tried several times to contact shopify's support and respond to my ticket on the inbox but still no response. I need urgent help and fast to keep this business surviving please. 

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hello, was your situation resolved? if so, how long did it take? i have same situation.