Why is Shopify still holding my funds after resolving chargebacks?

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I opened my store back on March 2, 2023 and received my first order on my account on March 16, 2023 in the amount of $2506.90 and then another on March 21 and 22 totaling around $8,000 in total. Shopify then waited until I had a balance on my account and wanted me to send in info regarding my store which I did . My payout was originally for 3/23 and on that same exact day my funds were to be issued I instead was told my account was terminated for violating AUP and still to this day I have not a reason besides that vague answer they tell everyone . So my store was removed from Shopify and at this point all of my items had been shipped to these customers and were in transit. I was told there was a 120 reserve in the account due to their banking partners saying my store was “high risk” and if there were no chargebacks The full amount would be released to the account on file on 7/20/2023.


I provided Shopify risk management team screenshots of the conversations between me and the customers as well as the persons ID next to the payment card used with their name and date handwritten. Shipping info and so on. Compelling evidence to show that there absolutely was no risk associated with the orders. The only reason the store received chargebacks was due to Shopify removing my store from the website, because once the customers seen my store was gone after ordering they instantly filed chargebacks with their bank because as my store said it was unavailable and they thought I had removed the store. I tried to explain this to them and tell them the items were on the way. But at this point they felt like they were being scammed and couldn’t really change their mind. After tracking info showed my items all delivered to these customers I not only did not have any funds but also my product was not in my possession either . And surely , Shopify isn’t going to be the one to make sure I get my items back . Long story short . These couple customers had my items and had chargebacks opened with their banks and were not responding to me either . I provided all the info I had to prove to the customers bank that they did make these charges and they did receive the items. So these chargebacks were ruled in favor of me . And after those chargebacks were denied by the customers bank and ultimately sided with me, there no longer was any risk associated and funds no longer should have been held since they were already deemed in my favor . I reached out on July 3 to tell Shopify that my payout account needed updated and I had to provide ID and banking info regarding the new account . I receive an email at 8 am on July 4 stating that the funds had been released to the account on file. So they sent them to the incorrect old account that was previously mentioned needed to be updated the day before . It took Shopify from 7/3 from when I submitted the documents to 7/9 to finally have my account details updated . It’s not 7/12 and Shopify is still holding my funds even though that they had already previously been released to the wrong account and trying to tell me I have to wait until 7/20 which is the original date I get that but why were they released on July 4th and since it didn’t go through needs to be re issued upon completion of updating the payout account with the senior support from billing and payments . Shopify and their advisors are liars and thieves currently . They don’t know there a** from a hole in the ground and I plan to pursue legal action regarding this. They keep referring to these process . Well the process is , my account finally was updated after almost a week wait and it’s not my problem they sent them to the wrong account knowing I told them it needed updated the day before they sent them. I refuse to be lied to and not issued my funds ASAP. 


If I could give anyone a word of advice it’s to stay as far away as you can from this company . They are beyond Incompetent and give the same scripted answers for everyone and are liars. I’m demanding my funds be sent to me today 7/12 and this is no threat but a promise , I will be receiving a lot more money than what’s in my account after suing them. 

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